An intimate lounge, beneath the Preacher’s Son

Tuesday – Saturday: 5 pm to 2 am


Mile Marker 00 Gimlet 12

key lime juice, honey thyme syrup, Lillet Blanc, Uncle Val's gin
Undercroft Sazerac 10

old overholt, absinthe wash, peychaud's bitters, lemon peel squeeze
The Lost Bell 10

plantation barrel-aged rum, lime, honey, orange curacao
Tango Whiskey 10

double rye, montenegro, aperol, grapefruit squeeze
Gothic Revival 10

Fernet, Luxardo, lime, Aztec chocolate bitters
Smoke Manhattan 12

high west, montenegro
Sherlock 11

monkey shoulder scotch, earl grey, turmeric honey, lemon
The Buzzed Scot 12

euphrosine #9, monkey shoulder, drambuie, lemon
Coatroom 9

port, creme de cacao, luxardo maraschino, aztec bitters
The Punch 9

house vodka, sauvignon blanc, st. germaine liqueur, peach juice